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Workshops in Colourscape

Children in wheelchairs in colourscape

Colourscape workshops take place either as part of our Colourscape Festivals (usually on weekdays during the school day), or in our new Moonorooni “mobile” Colourscape that can travel directly to school sites.

Colourscape is a very intense learning environment for all ages and abilities.  The colour is so intense that children immediately respond to the experience, often seeing things that adults miss (after-images - changes in the colour of their clothes or skin - emotional responses). This quickly leads to an exploration of ideas, with the children themselves discovering new ideas and perceptions.

During the workshop time in Colourscape the students work with visual artists, learning about colour and light in the most practical way – by observation and discovery.  The workshops move freely between art and science taking in perception and the workings of our senses.

Half of the session is taken by a music workshop leader working with percussion, voice, and Tibetan Singing Bowls to link vibration and natural human music-making to bring out the young people’s musical awareness. We also use simple instrument making, improvisation and composition when appropriate.

All workshops are fully participatory.

Click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact us and find out more about the range of workshop programmes - where Colourscape is running near your school - or how you can have your own Colourscape on your own school grounds.

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Eye Music Trust supports the work of schools and organisations in providing for Arts Awards. Our workshops are particularly suitable for those working towards the "Explore" level.

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