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child in colourscape

LATEST NEWS....... See our What's On page for information and booking links for our 2023 Events.

Eye Music Trust is proud to announce that we succeeded with our 2022 Arts Council England bid, and that we will keep our NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) status for the following three years.

For up to date information on specific events, such as closure due to weather conditions, please check our Twitter feed.

The most well-known of the artistic experiences that Eye Music Trust runs are music, dance, workshops and other events within Colourscape walk-in environments, which we stage at festivals and other venues throughout the UK and abroad.

Colourscapes are walk-in structures of colour and light, originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70s. Over 35 have been made, in many different sizes and shapes offering different experiences.

flautist and dancer in colourscape

Experience Colourscape before you visit!
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take a 360 degree walk around Colourscape.

view through chambers

Each of the Colourscapes have different qualities and functions:

* Festival One and Two for presentations of larger-scale performances, events and workshops
* Moonorooni for workshops and performances on smaller sites
* Mirror Islands and Wings for experiences of pure colour and light
* Smaller structures include ColourDome and Sky Holes.

While exploring the many interconnected chambers you experience the intensity and subtlety of colour in a new way. The only colours actually used in the structures are translucent red, blue, green, yellow and opaque grey, but you will see mixtures of colours that you may not be able to name.

alphorn ensemble

Colourscape is for all ages, enjoyed by all from babies to 100 year-olds!

Before you enter Colourscape you put on a coloured cloak so that you become part of the colour experience. After that you can explore freely, creating your own journey and experience.

People often find the intense experience of being immersed in strong colour difficult to describe, resorting to almost poetic descriptions: “I felt I could breathe the colours”….”like being wrapped in a rainbow”….”like walking inside a sleeping giant”

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