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Interactive Music & Colour Workshops

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Eye Music Trust presents full weeks of interactive workshops in Music, Colour, Dance and Visual Art for all ages and abilities from PMLD to higher-ability ASD students and from Early Years to Art College.

The core of these full-week residencies is our specially-developed Music/Colour Sensory Space. We can transform any room in a school or venue into a new world of colour and music by installing soft, curving fabric “sails” and many powerful LED lights.

The students control both music and colour with many different sensors: infra-red movement sensors can be targeted at any part of the body – hands, feet, fingers, head – to become a new kind of controllable “instrument” that plays both music and colour together. Other sensors include “touch-paintings” where gentle movements of hands over the surface control the music and colour. Floor pressure sensors allow more active students to dance, jump and roll on the surface to play sound and light.

A full week of workshops develops new performing skills – improvising, playing together as an ensemble, creating their own sounds and working towards a finished performance.

children performing in front of lit sails

Alongside the main Colour/Music Sensory Space we can stage further complementary workshops –

dance workshops with our disabled dancer to work towards a finished performance

visual art workshops using “flow paints” on Perspex to create abstract colour paintings that become the “instruments” that the students can play connected to our computer system

percussion workshops with our musician specialising in Far Eastern instruments and Sensory sounds.

These workshops can be tailored to any situation – a Science/Art week in a mainstream school – a week in a Special Needs school leading to a finished performance in a public setting (hall, theatre or even a shopping centre) and more……

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