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The Eye Music Creative Sensory Room

Unlike the more traditional sensory room, our Creative Sensory Rooms are active spaces in which the sounds, music and colour changes are created and controlled by the students themselves, irrespective of their level of cognitive or physical ability, using a range of movement and touch sensors.

sails, sensors and lights

Infra red movement sensors, which can be tuned over a range of movements from finger to whole body movements, allow the use of any part of the body and any deliberate or unconscious movement to play the system.

Painted surfaces use touch sensitive paint to respond to the lightest touch or broadest gesture across their whole surface, providing a music and light playing interface that is easier to understand yet still allows room for developing a personal playing style.

Floor pressure and touch sensors allow more physically able students to dance, jump, sit or roll on the surface to play sound and light.

The intensity of the colour experience has highly therapeutic effects, and many feedback mechanisms are developed in the user as they play with the sensors.

coloured sails

All of this is controlled on a user-friendly iPad interface, linked via WiFi to the main computer, which gives teachers and assistants a simple interface for controlling the main functions of the software over musical sounds, colour ranges, sensor range and so on.

Each student can have their preferred set up saved for quick recall in future sessions, and sounds can be chosen from a huge palette including pop and dance instruments, orchestral sounds, electronic instruments, and natural sounds of metal, wood and animals.

Students’ own sounds can be recorded directly or loaded on to the computer for playing with the sensors.

a sensory space installed in a school

Each of our Creative Sensory Spaces is individually designed around the space available and the needs of the school and students. We have installed systems in spaces from small store-rooms to larger multipurpose rooms where the installation can share the room with traditional instruments or be used as a drama or learning space.

We aim to create a legacy for Special Educational Needs Schools, so that a one-off workshop week can be extended into the future to provide continuing benefits, and to develop new creative skills for all children with disability and special needs.

The package includes training days to give every member of staff in the school the skills to continue to use and develop this hugely beneficial creative tool, starting with the simplest operations of selecting new sounds, then creating and saving sets of sounds, and later showing how to sample the students’ own sounds into the computer so that they can become totally creative and in control of the entire process, from initial sounds through to composing and performing their own music.

a picture of a smalleer sensory space istalled in a school

Contact Eye Music Trust for details of cost. We often access Funding Bodies to provide extra financial support to schools wishing to purchase a system.

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