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Applying for a Commission

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Eye Music Trust has two commissioning processes – for performers and for composers.

Performing in Colourscape is considered a unique kind of experience for musicians, dancers and public. There is no stage or separation between the public and the performers. This creates unique opportunities. There are few “venues” where the public can get very close to professional performers and the experience for the public to be able to – literally – look over a performer’s shoulder at the score can be a powerful way to demystify contemporary music.
The possibilities for creating a journey linking colour and music can be explored fully by “mobile” instruments – particularly by improvising musicians who can fully respond to the public and the particular space and colour.

Eye Music Trust is always looking for new ideas from performers – particularly those that develop new ideas and new partnerships. We are particularly interested in electroacoustic music, new instruments, improvisation, dance and music, links between cultures, links between colour, space and music. Any ideas sent to the Trust email address (below) will always be seriously considered, and those that fulfil the requirements for performances of contemporary music suitable for our unusual space will be considered by our panel of Trustees.

Our own Commissioning Fund – the Eye Music/Rawsthorn Fund is available each year to present a new performance at the main London venue on Clapham Common in September.

We are always looking for unusual new ideas for performance and composers, groups of composers or performance groups can present a project description to our main email address by the end of March for submission to our artistic panel of Trustees.
The only requirement is that the composer/performers must have been to Colourscape so that a working knowledge of the environment can be displayed. We are looking for unusual presentations specific to Colourscape and can fund some research and development of ideas if needed.

The deadline for the Rawsthorn Commission is the end of March each year. Please use our contact form to get in touch.

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