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Music of the Spheres

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……..a giant Sphere the size of a large building floating on water
……….a musician suspended in the centre
………….music relayed by radio microphone to many loudspeakers
…………….a computer musician creates a whole orchestra of flutes
…………… aerial dancer spins and spirals in the centre of another Sphere

This is the setting of Music of the Spheres.

The Colourscape artists have created many different sizes of “Bubbles”, from a mobile land-based eight-foot diameter sphere through to the giant fifty-foot Bubble, which is the size of a six-storey office block.

Events have taken place in locations ranging from the River Aura in Finland, the harbour in Whitehaven, the Thames in London and Henley, the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, and lakes in Bedford and Portugal.

Sometimes the Spheres are on land, sometimes floating mysteriously on water at night with lights and smoke.

Music of the Spheres is always a most magical event capturing the imagination of a large appreciative audience.

See What’s On for the latest Music of the Spheres events.

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