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Interactive Sensory Space

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Our Colour/Music Sensory Space has been developed through Eye Music funding and research with composer David Stevens.  A unique range of special sensors has been refined and developed so that children can create and perform their own music whatever their limitations of movement. Movement, pressure/touch and distance sensors link to specially-created software so that children can sample their own sounds and create their own music.

Large architectural "sails" create a soft environment that transforms any classroom, hall or other room into a new world of colour and light. As well as playing music, the sensors control many LED lights, projecting all the colours of the rainbow on to the fabric “sails”, creating a new immersive world of strong therapeutic colour that the participants themselves control. Touch-sensitive paintings complete the "instruments" that the participants can use to create their own performances.

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Our Colour/Music Sensory space is usually installed for a full week of workshops with our computer-music expert, David Stevens.  During that week of workshops we aim to give the experience to the maximum numbers of children from the school, as well as working with smaller groups of students towards a performance at the end of the week.

The workshops are suitable for any age or ability - from PMLD right through to specialist music/science cross-over weeks.

You can see comments from a number of different schools here.

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Senior Citizens

In 2011 Eye Music started a new development (funded by City Bridge Trust) working with Senior Citizens, particularly those with Dementia and Frailty.

The sensor system is perfectly adapted to providing elderly people with limited movement the opportunities to create their own music.

As with all of the Eye Music educational projects our Senior Citizens projects end with public performances by the participants.  For most Care Homes this is the first time that the residents have given their own public performances.

Our new Sensory Colour Space is perfect for those with Dementia who respond strongly to the beneficial colour, light and music that they control themselves, giving ownership and beneficial awareness.

You can see comments from some of the Care Homes that we have worked with here.

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