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Fabulous Sound Machines at Charleston

Wednesday April 8th to Sunday April May 19th

Eye Music Trust presents FABULOUS SOUND MACHINES at Charleston near Lewes

Over the coming Easter holidays the Barn at Charleston becomes a Symphony of Colour and Sound that you create yourselves.

There are several specially-created sculptural “instruments” by artists and musicians that you can play:

A Touch-Metal-Paint instrument where you can control and “paint” moving spectrums of colour and music by touching metal rods and touch-sensitive paintings. Move further into the barn and discover a giant Bottle Organ that you can play and a Kaleidochord with keys operating little objects.

The mysterious Ear Gongs create secret music that only you can hear and there is a slate instrument that is actually related to a violin (although it doesn’t look like it!)

Finally the main Colour/Music Sensory Space where you can create the sounds of many instruments with a range of sensors AND create washes of intense colour.

Your visit to the Symphony of Colour and Sound includes workshop sessions with the creator, David Stevens. He will lead you through the various instruments to create ensembles of colour and music.

It is essential to book as space is limited. As this is a participatory event allow at least 30 minutes for your visit to explore all instruments and take a workshop.

Each Day there are five sessions that you can book into:

SESSION TIMES: 10am; 10.45; 11.45; 1.15; 2.00

ADMISSION: £4 adults; £2 children. To book through the Charleston website click HERE