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Colourscape at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham

Thursday May 16th to Sunday May 19th

Eye Music Trust presents ELEMENTAL SYMPHONIES at the Midlands Arts Centre in Cannon Hill Park

Our new Touring show explores the Elements. Come into the intense COLOUR AND LIGHT of Colourscape and experience music created on Metal, Wood, Water, Air and other elements

Colourscape will be installed in Cannon Hill Park for the four days. Thursday and Friday will be workshop days for local Special Needs schools by reservation only through MAC. On weekends we present music and dance in Colourscape from 12.30 to 4.30 each day with Colourscape being open from 12 noon.


THURSDAY/FRIDAY MAY 16/17: Colourscape open for Special Needs workshops only. NOW FULLY BOOKED!

SATURDAY MAY 18: Colourscape with performances created by our Resident musician Ansuman Biswas with Michael Ormiston and Beibei Wang. Music will be created on unusual instruments of Metal, Wood and Water. Featuring instruments from around the world - Mongolia, Tibet, China and Eastern Europe plus movement artist Keiran Page

SUNDAY MAY 19: Colourscape with Elemental Symphonies performed by Ansuman Biswas, Beiebei Wang and computer processing by Lawrence Casserley and David Stevens plus movement artists Keiran Page and Jemima Brown.

LOCATION: Cannon Hill Park, Queen's Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH

TIMES: 12noon to 5pm; Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th

ADMISSION: £4 per person. See Midland Arts Centre website for full admission details click HERE