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Fabulous Sound Machines at Stroud Subscription Rooms

Saturday August 5th to Thursday August 24th (closed Sundays)

Part of our Arts Council funded Symphony of the Senses Tour

The main banqueting hall at Stroud's Subscription Rooms becomes transformed into a journey of colour and music for the summer holidays!

Large fabric "sails" fill the space and reflect and mix colours and light that you, the public, create yourselves. Our resident composer, David Stevens, will be in the gallery most days to guide you through the experience and show you how to create whole orchestras of sound with just the movement of your hands, feet - or literally any part of your body.

Also in the Fabulous Sound Machines exhibition you will be able to play a Bottle Organ - another instrument made from giant bellows and wind instruments and other instruments made from slate and objects.

This show will be tremendous fun for all ages and also a great way to learn about new sounds, computers and colour with cross-over into science.

LOCATION: Subscription Rooms, George St, Stroud GL5 1AE - To check their website for more events and directions click HERE

TIMES: 10am to 4pm each day Mon to Sat (closed Sundays)

ADMISSION: £5A; £3C PLUS special workshops at specific times. Contact Sub Rooms for info.