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Colourscape at the 2017 Liverpool International Music Festival

Friday/Saturday/Sunday July 21st/22nd/23rd

Part of our Arts Council funded Symphony of the Senses Tour

The second year of our Colourscape event in Liverpool takes a new direction....

We bring together our work with Special Needs groups and our computer music programme for a new event in Colourscape. Students from Greenbank SN College perform on our special movement sensor system creating a surround-sound experience within the colour labyrinth.

Plus a new "Summer of Love" programme to link with the Liverpool International Music Festival theme

Friday July 21st at 5 to 7pm Colourscape Preview

Come and explore Colourscape without music at a reduced price


Students from Greenbanks SN College perform on the unique movement sensor system created by composer David Stevens at 1pm.

At 2pm onwards there will be performances by Mark Rowland (computer musician) performing on the movement sensor system; dance with Laura Dajao with Simon Desorgher (flutes); Michael Ormiston (voice and percussion); David Stevens (computers)

Try the sensors a touch-sensitive "painting"

Sunday July 23rd - Summer of Love

We present Ansuman Biswas (Asian percussion); Michael Ormiston (Far Eastern instruments) and Middle Eastern dancers Sorcha (with crystal globes and costumes) and Sharay (traditional "belly" dancing)

LOCATION: Sefton Park, Liverpool - To check the LIMF website for more events and directions click HERE

TIMES: Saturday/Sunday July July 22nd/23rd - from 12.30pm to 5.30pm.