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Waddesdon Colourscape Festival

Saturday May 27th to Sunday June 4th

Eye Music Trust and The Rothschild Foundation present

The third annual Colourscape Festival at Waddesdon Manor

Last year visitors to Waddesdon Manor were treated to a fabulous experience - Colourscape appeared on the Front Lawn for a 9-day Whitsun Festival. After the success of this event we now bring back Colourscape for a full nine-day festival of colour, light and music in a BRAND NEW Colourscape sited on the Aviary lawn.

We are presenting a new magnificent Colourscape specially created for Waddesdon - the 56-chamber Aviary Colourscape with a special Silver performance Dome

This new Aviary Colourscape has some of the longest views ever created by the Colourscape artists and a long journey of intense colours leads to music and dance which can be found anywhere inside on the journey.

Put on a coloured cloak and enter into a new world of colour, light and music where you become part of the experience!

Each day there will be public performances - sometimes you will be able to join in. On weekdays our resident musician, Michael Ormiston, performs on ethnic instruments (you can take part too); on weekends we have many varied ensembles.


Saturday May 27th - Stevie Wishart: is one of the most well-known performers on Hurdy-Gurdy. Her music flows seamlessly from Renaissance through to contemporary sounds. She is joined by Festival Directors Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher on computer-processing and flutes.

Whit Sunday May 28th - Flutes of the World: A new ensemble formed specially for Waddesdon. Ethnic flute player Clive Bell performs on instruments ranging from chinese flutes to Japanese Shakuhachi. Simon Desorgher performs on the full range of concert flutes and Julían Elvira performs on the giant contrabass flute.

Whit Monday May 29th - SYMPHONY OF THE SENSES: Come into the intense COLOUR AND LIGHT of Colourscape and experience all the senses fused into one amazing show. Hear music that represents the musical SOUNDS of the human body - dancers play TOUCH-Surfaces and release FRAGRANCES and TASTES into the flowing air within Colourscape.
This new show has been created by composers Simon Desorgher, Lawrence Casserley, David Stevens and Michael Ormiston. With movement and fragrances created by dancer Tanya Richam-Odoi and theatrical performer Francisca Picon Asensio

Weekdays May 30th to June 2nd - Michael Ormiston: free-flowing performances and workshops for families. Fantastic for all ages from babies through to 100 year-olds

Saturday June 3rd - SPORE created by sculptor Jeff Higley The 2013 Eye Music Commission was this Sound and Space project conceived by visual artist, Jeff Higley, working with composer, Michael Parsons for 4 dancers, 3 musicians, a vocalist and an engineer.
Masked and costumed dancers with harmonic flutes spread through the chambers of Colourscape like "spores" given off by harmonic flutes and gongs.

Sunday June 4th - Richard Durrant is an internationally recognised concert guitarist, a composer and an old friend of Colourscape. He is equally at home whether appearing as concerto soloist in the Royal Albert Hall or giving a ukulele recital in the wilds of Paraguay.
Following recent concerts around the UK and in South America Richard will arrive in Colourscape with his new concert guitar (made from 5,000 year old English, black oak) on which he will play his own original music and half improvised arrangements of music by JS Bach, Purcell, Elgar and John Renbourn (amongst many others). Richard will also be playing JS Bach and British folk music on the Uffington Tenor Guitar.

TIMES: From 10.30am to 4.30pm Continuous performances throughout the day (music plays from 11am to 3.30pm).

PLEASE NOTE that at busy times there may be a queue to enter Colourscape. We aim to keep queuing times as short as possible

LOCATION: Waddesdon Manor HP18 0JH - the main Visitor entrance is via Silk Street

ADMISSION: Adults: £5; Children £3 plus normal Garden admission charges. See Waddesdon Manor website for full admission details click HERE