Rotherham Symphony of Bells and Mosques

September 24th at 12 noon

All the church bells and Mosques of Rotherham synchronised into a half-hour Symphony

Composed by Catalan musician Llorenç Barber

Llorenç Barber has become famous across Europe for composing City Symphonies of all the church bells of towns and cities. He has composed Symphonies of Bells for Rome, Copenhagen, Madrid and many in South America.

Eye Music Trust have organised all of his UK Symphonies for towns and cities including York, Greenwich, Liverpool and Ipswich.

The Rotherham Symphony of Bells and Mosques will start at 12 noon on Saturday September 24th

This is the first time that a Symphony has been composed to synchronise Church Bells and Mosques.

Rotherham is not well-endowed with bell towers but has a very fine full peal in All Saints (also known as Rotherham Minster). Rotherham also has a strong tradition of Mosques who we are involving to call across to the bells with their Azan Muazzin (traditional Islamic calls from mosques). The final part of the Symphony is the composer's own bells which are going to include part of the world's largest set of Tubular Bells mounted in a scaffold tower in the open space at Effingham St/Howard St.

Most of the Azan Muazzin will be calling and chanting from roof-tops creating lines of sound from the centre to the Mosques. Church bells and Mosques will call to each other across the town creating a unique event.

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LOCATION: Rotherham Town Centre