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The Eye Music Creative Sensory Pod

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In 2016/17 Eye Music Trust ran a research and development programme with Trinity Fields SEN school in Wales, on the benefit of our work for their most disabled PMLD children. The result of this R&D work was a new installation - our mini-Sensory Room…..

Now schools can now have their own “mini-Sensory Room” for a very cost-effective budget. This is not a standard "Sensory Room", which tends to be rather passive, but a fully interactive space based on our Colour/Music computer workshops, enabling schools to continue our beneficial work on into the future.

The Sensory Pod is a tent-like structure, 2m a side, that is very easy to install and also to move from classroom to classroom if needed.  It can fit in a fairly small space and no building work is required.

Within the Pod our unique system of movement sensors allows children to create and control their own experience of intense colour and music.  This is a creative learning experience and teachers will discover their own possibilities for its educational use.

The Creative/Sensory Pod is particularly suitable for PMLD children as it creates a closed, safe, responsive environment which allows them to explore their creativity in a very beneficial way.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of having your own portable sensory environment in your school, please contact us.

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