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This year we are introducing On-Line Booking for our Clapham Common Festival.

This year we present a brand-new Colourscape! Our revamped Festival Two Colourscape comes to Clapham for the first time. Some Covid safety measures such as advised mask-wearing and greater space inside make for a great, relaxed experience.

Right click HERE to download this year's Clapham Common Colourscape Festival brochure.

Visit our What’s On pages to see where Colourscape is on near you

The most well-known of the artistic experiences that Eye Music Trust runs are music, dance, workshops and other events within Colourscape walk-in environments, which we stage at festivals and other venues throughout the UK and abroad.

Colourscapes are walk-in structures of colour and light, originally created by artist Peter Jones in the early 70s. Over 35 have been made, in many different sizes and shapes offering different experiences.

Visit our What’s On pages to see where Colourscape is on near you.

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