The Colourscape Experience

Colourscape really needs to be experienced directly — photographs only give an impression, and descriptions are inadequate.

Colour can be seen, and it can also be felt. Colour is energy. Colourscape is about opening up your senses, stimulating creativity and extending your awareness of colour.

Wandering through the interconnected chambers, you can experience the intensity and subtlety of colour. We use only translucent red, blue, green, yellow and opaque grey but you will see mixtures of colours that you may not be able to name.

As you can see on our visitors' comments page, from the reactions of many thousands of visitors, it is obvious that people have strong feelings about colour.

Some people describe red as a physical presence; others hesitate to step into it.

Some people find green relaxing, others find it disturbing.

Find out how you respond when you come to Colourscape.

(You can see some important information about visiting Colourscape at the bottom of this page).

colourscape interior green

Colourscape is for all ages, enjoyed by young and old alike. It creates a relaxing, beautiful and calm experience for visitors.

Many people return again and again to visit — often bringing their children, having seen a previous Colourscape themselves as children.

Before you enter the Colourscape structure you put on a coloured cloak in order to become part of the space.

The rest is up to you.

Adults often say that they feel like children inside Colourscape, or describe it as ‘like flying’ or ‘breathing colour’. Children often say that they feel as if they are ‘inside a huge body’ or ‘wrapped in a rainbow’. They like to try ‘hiding in colour’.

Practical Information

  • Colourscape is completely wheelchair accessible.
  • We open in all weather conditions except high winds (for safety reasons). (Check our Twitter feed here)
  • Often Colourscape is very popular so do expect to queue for a short time.
  • We have an experienced team on all events to look after public safety, answer questions and guide you.

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