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Pictures really don't do full justice to the experience of Colourscape!

The impact of being in the structure can only be felt when you are completely surrounded by Colourscape's intense light, with its many views opening up like a kaleidoscope on every side.

And though these images do help to give a small feeling of the power of the experience, remember that they only show one small view. You need to be inside the structure to truly soak up the colours.

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see more pictures, and then use the play controls on the lower right to move through the images.

  • This gallery contains aerial and interior pictures of the different Colourscape structures. You can find pictures of some of the many different artists who have performed in Colourscape on the Performers page.
  • The aerial views help to show the size of each structure in relation to the surrounding environment. If you'd like to know if a Colourscape structure will fit on your venue, please contact Eye Music Trust or the Colourscape artists.

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25th Anniversary of Colourscape on Clapham Common!

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