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Workshop Comments from Mainstream and Special Needs Schools

About Colour workshops and Colourscape

"Consistently high quality and sensitive presentation.  A truly amazing environment"

"A beautiful, refreshing experience. Lots of language and expression achieved"

"Amazing - the children loved the experience and learned a lot about colours and mixing colours - linked to our art skills.  They also wrote poems about colours in Literacy on their return"

"All members of the event team were friendly, welcoming and professional. Event very well managed/organised"

About Music workshops

"Brilliant workshop - loads of fun - students relished every minute!"

"... (the workshop leader) was brilliant with the children, relating very well tho the age group. I still can't get over how amazing his voice work was. We have followed up the workshop in school."

"A fantastic opportunity for the children to work together using instruments that we do not have in school."

"Very good approach, very therapeutic and rewarding!"

"I witnessed a student (wheelchair-bound) gradually realising the fact that her arms/head were creating the sounds, not her voice. I think further work would greatly expand on her abilities"

"Richer and therefore more engaged experience of music. Instruments and especially electronic material used are excellent for students with reduced mobility"

"It certainly showed us that music-wise, we can put our expectations from students higher. It has shown a great potential in some"

“Students were very creative and comfortable. Profoundly disabled students really looked and really knew that they were making the music. Students with Autism and behavioural problems that I thought would not come in or cope with Colourscape coped well, enjoyed it and would not leave with their group.”

You can find more comments on the related music for special needs site.

Workshop Comments from Elderly Care Homes

"One person with severe sight loss, was caught up in the atmosphere and was waving her hands around. She looked like she didn't have an impairment at all. It liberated her"

“ The colour/sensory area was fascinating for the residents. They were stimulated by the changes in colour and also they seemed to get the hang of being able to change the colours themselves using the sensors”

“David and Simon were fantastic – their understanding and patience with people with Dementia was great... involved everyone in the group regardless of abilities.... professional relationship with staff and residents alike.”

"It was fantastic for relatives to see a performance at the end of the week which was completed by all"

“One person felt the whole experience was a positive one and gave her a sense of calmness which has continued since the project”

Resident's comment: "I do not feel tormented any more"

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