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Eye Music Trust (formerly Nettlefold Festival Trust) was founded by composers Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher. In 1984 they founded a contemporary music festival in south London, the Nettlefold Festival, which was particularly dedicated to live electroacoustic music and music theatre. In 1988, seeking to expand the scope of the festival and to reach new audiences, they formed a charitable trust to oversee their work.

One of the most significant moments in the development of our work was the start of our collaboration with Cwmni Colourscape, and the first Colourscape Music Festival took place on Clapham Common, London, UK in 1989. Since then the Trust have presented many Colourscape Music Festivals, numerous other events involving structures created by Cwmni Colourscape, and hundreds of educational workshops for people of all ages throughout the UK and abroad.

In 2005 the Trust was restructured as a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (Reg No. 05466017) - and the name change to Eye Music to reflect the connections between music and visual art. In 2008 Eye Music Trust became an Arts Council Regularly Funded Organisation.

Eye Music Trust is a Registered Charity No 1113190.

Eye Music Trust

Chair - Jane Manning OBE

Anthony Burton

David Elliot

Simon Emmerson

Edwin Roxburgh

Secretary to the Trustees - Antony Macdonald

About Cwmni Colourscape

Cwmni Colourscape is a partnership of Peter Jones and Lynne Dickens who create Colourscapes. Peter Jones developed the first Colourscape structures in 1974. Colourscapes were preceded by 'Spaceplaces' from 1963, which were installations of coloured surfaces made inside buildings. In 1970 they became open-air structures. Experiments with air-inflated sculpture gave new possibilities of working directly with colour. Early structures used large primary colour chambers interconnected by tubes. Subsequently, many different Colourscapes, have been made, growing more complex in colour relationships. Cwmni Colourscape have several Colourscape structures, which they show at festivals and other events in the UK and abroad.

Cwmni Colourscape also creates and makes other structures - tensile canopies, wind sculptures and giant bubbles, all of which have generated and been part of many events. Many people have been trained with Cwmni Colourscape to make structures, to develop colour workshops and to run Colourscape shows.

Our Collaboration

The collaboration between Cwmni Colourscape and Eye Music Trust dates back to 1989 when we were invited to make a music presentation at London's South Bank Centre, using a Colourscape as the venue, and this led to the formation of the first Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common. In 1994-5 the Trust commissioned a completely new Colourscape structure, designed especially for performance, with funding from Foundation for Sport and the Arts and the National Lottery. In 2002 a second Colourscape was commissioned with Arts Council lottery funding. Both are used in the UK and abroad. In 2005 the ColourDome was constructed, further enhancing the range of possible installations.

In 2009 further grants enabled Eye Music Trust to commission and run a new Colourscape designed for workshops with disabled children. This new Colourscape with a Silver Music Dome has greatly increased the opportunities for presenting workshops and events throughout the UK.

The collaboration extends beyond the commissioning of Colourscape structures; for example, our workshops in colour, which take place in Colourscape, have evolved from direct collaboration with the Colourscape artists; and Peter Jones is a significant partner in the Fabulous Sound Machines exhibitions.


For information about Eye Music Trust events and Colourscape Music Festivals contact: admin(at)

For information about Colourscape design and "pure" Colourscape shows contact: artists(at)

Eye Music Trust is very grateful to all the funders, Trusts and sponsors who have supported our projects over the years.

Below is a list of all those who have supported us since 1989.


RVW Trust

City Bridge Trust

Hinrichsen Foundation

Tippett Foundation

St Walter St John Charity

Holst Foundation

Musician's Union

Walcot Foundation

Arts and Business

and many local councils around the country.

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